On page Local vs National SEO

On page Local vs National SEO

Now that you are familiar with Local SEO and the differences between local SEO and National SEO, It’s time to cover On page SEO.

On page SEO is often deemed the most important part of SEO, and I agree. While backlinks are important as well, you site won’t reach Its full potential without a proper on page strategy. 

On page SEO is how we call the things we change on the website itself that is something Google can see, changes you make on the Page itself… 

Because one of the most misunderstandings is that SEO’s claim to rank websites.

We don’t. We don’t rank websites, we rank your web pages, and in the end by doing so we rank all the pages on your site. Your website in itself though, we don’t. That said, It’s often easier explained that way which is why the misunderstanding.

Now, while backlinks are important, Google cares more about relevancy for the users because in the end Google is a business as well.

As a business you want to provide relevancy, and in this case Google does it by being really thorough when it comes to a website and it checks the relevancy of your page. So, if you are trying to rank for, lets say: Inflatable rentals in New York, you won’t be writing: How to build a super Robot.

No, you will try to provide the most accurate, most relevant information for your users to make an educated decision, and if you do so… You will Rank. 

That said, by now you probably have seen me use the term :Keyword a lot of times whilst not going really in depth on it. Well that is because in my opinion a proper on page strategy BEGINS with proper keyword research!

Keyword research is important because we have to know what keywords we want to target, and doing keyword research can tell us things such as: How much budget will be required in order to rank? 

Can I rank with my current website structure and authority? People searching for this Keyword, are they looking to rent my inflatables, or are they looking for Information instead?

As you can tell… Good Keyword research will tell you a lot of useful things.  But, how do you do proper keyword research?

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