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SEO is simply an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization.  It involves making practical efforts to ensure that your website or blog ranks high on Google.

SEO is the process of increasing the flow of traffic to your site. And no it is not paid to advertise, you don’t have to pay to get any leads through SEO as all the leads you’ll be getting are organic.

In plain words, SEO means optimizing your website or content so that it appears at the top of search engine result pages when users search for information.

Here’s a scenario: when someone searches for “waste management” on Google, they’re probably looking for a waste management company or dumpster rental. If you wrote an article about waste management, you’d want people to find your content and read it right? But you know articles about waste management are not only written by you. So, your website has to rank above other websites about waste management. It can prove difficult, but this is where SEO comes into play.

Although SEO seems to be all about engines, that’s only half of it. It also involves people; the information they’re searching for, the keywords they’re using to search, the answers they seek, and the type of content that can satisfy them.

The ability to solve all these problems that users seek answers to gives you an edge over your competitors.

SEO is about people just as much as they’re about engines because it’s one thing to satisfy users’ intent and it’s another thing to deliver your content in a way that is easily identified and understood by search engine crawlers.

This article will shed more light on the importance of SEO, SEO strategies, and SEO marketing basics.

Why is SEO important?

You see, the purpose of every webmaster is to get more eyeballs to their site. That is, all they need is more quality traffic to their site. And while some opt for the inorganic way of getting this traffic (paid advertising and social media platforms), the truth is that the most reliable, quality, and organic traffic is being driven by search engines.

The paid advertisement may seem profitable but it costs revenue and it’s not even as credible as organic traffic. Research has it that in the whole United States, not more than 2.8% of people click on paid advertisements.

Meanwhile, SEO can gather 20X more than paid advertising on different devices. With SEO, you can secure a long-term source of raking in massive revenue. If your contents are top-notch, and you follow major SEO guidelines, then the chances of ranking on search engines increase. When this happens, it increases your online visibility, drives in more traffic, and consequently increases your revenue. You can achieve all of these organic leads and traffic without paying any dime to any paid advertising company.

So, search engine optimization is important if you desire to have a brand that appears on search result pages and thrives amongst others in your niche.


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Local SEO vs National SEO

When searching for information related to digital marketing and analytics, it is important to learn about how your local business can be more visible to your customers. When we talk about visibility, we are talking about how your customers can get to know more about your business on the internet.

With SEO and SERPs, you will know more about ranking using Google algorithms. There are lots of things to know about the working of SEO and SERPs, however, for this article, let’s take a look at Local SEO vs National SEO. Read on to know more.

Definitions: Local SEO vs National SEO

National SEO is a strategy employed to improve the search visibility of your platform on a national scale. However, local SEO refers to increasing your search visibility in local markets and relies on listings rather than websites.


On the other hand, when we talk about local SEO, you must have NAP consistency and a credible management approach in line. For National SEO, creating Unique and reliable content is important

Local SEO vs National SEO results via Google SERPs

When trying to understand national SEO and local SEO, you need to know the different results which show up on the Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).


Sometimes local SEO and national SEO work together, moreover, you need to note that some things revealed on SERP are usually because of one type of this SEO.

Rank your business and get leads.

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Local SEO Services for Connecticut

  • Free SEO Audit

Before any CT SEO work starts, we first run an SEO audit on your online presence and website. We collect current local organic rankings, 3-Pack rankings, check the site backlink portfolio, setup Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools, & analyze on-site SEO practices.

  • Competitor Analysis

Your company is not the only organization in your industry competing for your customers’ attention. Your online competitors differ from your offline competitors, and you may analyze the backlinks your competitors have acquired, the content they are offering, and the SEO tactics they are using in order to analyze them.

  • Website Tweaking

The best way to start SEO is on your website. We work a site optimization strategy on your website’s title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, site content, internal linking, URL structure, image optimization, schema markup, load time, & more. Onsite SEO is the starting point for the first steps to improving the rankings of your Business.

  • Keyword Research

CT SEO will work to integrate our keyword strategy to fit your needs. We catalog and compare your services to identify your personal high-ranking keywords, entering them into our analytics review. Our research reveals the keywords with the highest traffic potential so you can improve the ranking of your web pages.

SEO In Connecticut

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SEO In Connecticut

This is the 21st century and most businesses are making the most they can out of digital marketing. In trying to exploit digital marketing, you must have come across the term SEO in one way or the other.

In case you’re guessing what the term means, it’s simply an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. But here comes the big secret; do you know that SEO can help your business experience practical growth, more leads, and increased revenue?

With SEO, you can increase the online visibility of your business, drive in massive traffic and improve the ranking of your site. When there’s a search about your type of business or a topic related to your business, a site that has been optimized by SEO will beat its competitors, at appearing on the top of search engine result pages.

That said, this article will be focusing on local SEO in Connecticut; we’ll focus mainly on how SEO can help your business thrive and rise above others in your niche.

But before we go on to the benefit of Connecticut SEO, we need to properly establish what local SEO means:

Local SEO can also be referred to as Map SEO; that explains SEO in Connecticut especially if your business falls within that part of the map. Over the years,  local SEO has helped businesses through the use of keywords and links to optimize their website and rank higher in SERPs, and consequently bring in organic leads and customers.

If you own a local business in Connecticut, there’s so much you can benefit from if you let Connecticut SEO Pros handle your website optimization.

We’ve been mentioning “benefits”, but what exactly are these benefits and how can local SEO help your local business? Below are important benefits of optimizing the local SEO. Let’s explore;

  • Reach More Customers

The whole purpose of SEO’s existence is to cause an increase in businesses either by increasing their revenue or the traffic to their site. So when local SEO is done appropriately, you’re on your way to reaching out to more customers that will need your services. 

Note that the emphasis is when it is done appropriately because you can go about the whole SEO business the wrong way and end up not getting any significant results to talk less or more customers.

When your business or site ranks on search engine result pages, more customers visit your online business profile, and voila! they are converted into sure customers. 

  • Find Customers Searching For Your Product

In every location on the map, people need different services or product products. And when this happens, their next port of call is the internet. 

What happens to your business when your product or services are typed into the search engine and your business doesn’t pop up? That doesn’t feel right as your business only continues to decline. 

However, when you enlist the help of local SEO into your business, it brings your business to the face of customers who are trying to find a particular product or service provider. It helps your business rank and consequently pulls in better sales.

  • Increase Traffic

When it comes to increasing traffic, SEO is the best tool that can pull it off. Others opt for paid advertising or social media marketing. Well, sometimes these methods prove helpful but most times they only result in wasted time and revenue. Also, most of the traffic that comes from these platforms is inorganic. 

SEO on the other hand cannot guarantee that all the traffic that floods your website will convert to sales, however, the more traffic you get through SEO increases your chances of making sales. Also, many people get to visit your site, words about your business start to circulate your location and you get to have more potential customers.

  • Reach Your Target Audience Better

How does SEO work? It works with the use of relevant keywords to help businesses be at the top of their niche. 

Here’s a scenario; when a user types “best dumpster rentals in Connecticut” into the search engine and before that search, you’ve already incorporated these keywords into your content at strategic places, what do you think will happen next? Your website will rank and the people in need of your service can easily find you without any hassle. Incorporating local SEO into your business is what sets you apart from the regular business owner trying to survive in the online space.

[Connecticut SEO 
  • Improve Conversion Rates

The main reason why most people stick to their traditional style of marketing is that they think that the more users see their pages or maybe click their link, the more customers they get. Sadly, that’s not the case because paid advertising sometimes disturbs users’ Internet experience and sometimes they click your link by mistake.

However, that’s not the case with local SEO for small businesses since any lead or traffic you get using local SEO is organic; those leads have already shown interest in your service or product.

Consequently, it improves your chances of increasing sales thereby causing an improved conversion rate.

  • Bypass Your Competition

They can never be the same: a company that’s still holding on to what traditional marketing has to offer and one that has incorporated local SEO into its business. Judging on a fair scale, it’s quite difficult for the company using traditional marketing methods to compete with an SEO-optimized business in this digital marketing era.

When you put efforts into optimizing your business with local SEO, you’ve gained an edge over your regular competitors and you can bypass all the struggles they go through before getting one organic lead or making sales. Local SEO takes you from the very bottom and elevates you to the top of other businesses in your niche.

  • Create Overall Brand Awareness

When users conduct searches on search engines for a particular product or service using a particular keyword that you’ve already incorporated into your content, your business is more likely to appear on SERPs. 

Now, most times these users might not be in immediate need of that service or product, but the fact they’ve found your business already makes them potential customers. And this means that whenever they need what your business has to offer in the future, they’ll reach out to you. Because your business appearing on the top search results has already created awareness about your brand.

  • Create a User-Friendly Website

When your business is local SEO optimized, it allows for users to have a better experience on your site. When you’re ready to optimize your site for local SEO, some guidelines help achieve a better user experience on your site. For instance, increasing the speed of your website, breaking texts into shorter sentences, using quality images to hold users’ experience, optimizing your website for every device and lots more will be exposed to you.

Also, since you’re trying to rank on search engine result pages using SEO, then you’ll have to produce quality content. And Google ranks sites based on the quality of their content and what users can benefit from it. So, local SEO helps you build a user interactive website.

  • Reduce Cost Per Acquisition

The difference between traditional marketing and SEO is that traditional marketing tends to turn out to be a waste of revenue considering that it’s trying to thrive in a digital market. 

However, SEO is almost free if you can handle the whole process yourself. It still doesn’t cost so much if you choose to hire a professional company that can optimize your business for SEO. 

Instead consider whatever dime spent on it as a long-term investment, because you start to experience positive results within a short time. If you’re in Connecticut, you can leave this task to Connecticut SEO Pros and they’ll handle the task effectively.

  • Achieve Long-Lasting Rankings

Do you want to achieve long-lasting rankings on search engine result pages, then local SEO is the way to go. There’s only so much help traditional marketing can do to ensure that you have a long-lasting ranking on search engine result pages. Since most of the leads and traffic are organic, it will soon be overshadowed by one with organic leads and traffic. 

With SEO, you get to remain not only at the top of search results pages but also at the top of your competitors. However, it doesn’t work like magic, it requires effort, consistency, and regular updates to remain at the top of search engine result pages.

  • Continuous Business Growth

Employing SEO as a tool to optimize your business is a practical way to maintain practical growth for your business. SEO is all about driving massive traffic to t your site and ensuring that your business remains at the top of search engine results. 

Undoubtedly, this will cause an increase in your online visibility, an increase in the traffic that enters your site, and ultimately an increase in sales and marketing. Better sales retain old customers and take in new ones. This development helps your business to thrive and remain above your competitors.

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