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What is seo and search engine optimization? What does it mean for your website?

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What is SEO?

SEO Strategies: White Hat vs Black Hat White SEO refers to the SEO practices that don’t go against SEO rules. It follows all of the laid down guidelines by the search engine to provide the audience with valuable content and ease their interactions on your site. While Black Hat SEO means an underhanded method or technique to trick or for search engines to rank your website on search engine result pages. Although black hat SEO can yield results, it’s only short-term. Also, any website that engages in black hat SEO practices is exposing itself to danger. If they’re caught, that site can be penalized or removed completely from search engine result pages. And when this happens, it deals a huge blow to the website and crumbles the business. To be on the safe side, It’s best to not engage in black hat SEO techniques. Search engines share similar goals with the SEO industry. The search […]

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On page Local vs National SEO

On page Local vs National SEO

Now that you are familiar with Local SEO and the differences between local SEO and National SEO, It’s time to cover On page SEO. On page SEO is often deemed the most important part of SEO, and I agree. While backlinks are important as well, you site won’t reach Its full potential without a proper on page strategy.  On page SEO is how we call the things we change on the website itself that is something Google can see, changes you make on the Page itself…  Because one of the most misunderstandings is that SEO’s claim to rank websites. We don’t. We don’t rank websites, we rank your web pages, and in the end by doing so we rank all the pages on your site. Your website in itself though, we don’t. That said, It’s often easier explained that way which is why the misunderstanding. Now, while backlinks are important, Google cares more about relevancy

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